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  • REDUCES movement of personnel around the site
  • REDUCES lift use
  • REDUCES water use through recycling
  • ELIMINATES waste management issues
  • NO sediment in drains/tradewaste


One of the biggest responses to come from users of the Mobile Smart Sinks, is how much time it saves compared to using traditional 'centralised' tool washing /washout facilities.

Perry Richardson, Managing Director of Pro Plaster, exclusive Australian distributors of Mobile Smart Sinks, commented:

"The feedback we've had from our customers has been amazing. They can't believe how much time and money the Mobile Smart Sinks units are saving them."

"Whereas in the past, tool washing/washout was taking an average of 15-20minutes by the time they traveled to and from the basement and used the shared central washout facility, by having the washout facility right there with them at the work face, they're able to complete the process in around 5 minutes," Perry said.


Together with its enviable reputation for saving thousands of litres of water per week through recycling, preventing waste sediments being flushed into pipes and/or stormwater, and saving plasterers and tilers an average of over one hour, per person, per day in time spent moving between the work face and washout facilities.

The remarkable Australian-designed and internationally patented Mobile Smart Sinks unit has also become an invaluable front-line tool in helping to establish COVID-SAFE construction sites.

By providing tool washing/washout facilities at the work face rather than at a centralised location, Mobile Smart Sinks units not only save time, save waste and save water - they help to significantly reduce movement around the construction site while also eliminating issues associated with social distancing and maximum density requirements at centralised tool washing/washout locations.

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While there can be no doubt that Mobile Smart Sinks have set a new benchmark in waste sediment control, water saving and productivity gains for tilers and plasterers, they have also, quite unintentionally, proven to be a critical front-line tool in establishing COVID-SAFE construction sites.

By providing a tool washing/washout facility at the work face rather than at a traditional centralised location (usually in the basement), Mobile Smart Sinks significantly reduce movement around the construction site, including lift usage.

They also eliminate issues associated with social distancing and maximum density requirements at centralised tool washing/washout locations.

Solving today's problems for a better tomorrow.


Filtration System
Smart Sinks waste water filtration and recycling systems have been specifically designed to provide an affordable, easy-to-use and highly-effective method of removing particles and sediment from waste water, reducing the environmental impact and ongoing maintenance costs for commercial and trade industries.

Smart Sinks patented systems use a series of interlocking independent collection units, joined by a valve system to collect particles, plaster and sediment from waste water.





The World's Most Eco-Friendly Tool Washing System 2020:
by BUILD Construction & Engineering


  • REDUCES movement of personnel around the site
  • REDUCES lift use
  • IMPROVES social distancing & hygiene
  • NO LOST TIME travelling to and from central washout facility
  • REDUCES water use through recycling
  • ELIMINATES waste management issues
  • NO sediment in drains/tradewaste
  • Multiple movements between worksite and washout facility
  • Social distancing & hygiene challenges
  • Lost time & productivity travelling to and from central washout facility
  • Increase water use
  • Waste management challenges including sediment in drains/tradewaste

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Mobile Smart Sinks unique patented 5-stage filtration system filters the wash water down to 1 micron, removing particulates and allowing you to reuse the water, or dispose of it down the drain when you're done.
  • Significant water savings
  • Massive productivity boost
  • Cost effective solution
  • Covid-Safe Construction sites
  • World-Leading Australian Innovation
  • Patented filtration technology

Demos Available in SEQ, Syd & Melb only.

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Smart Sinks Reviews
What Our Customers Are Saying
Great water saver

We use our Smart Sink on the jobs that are difficult to wash out on, the bigger sets of units and ones that are close to rivers or the coast for the environment.

It’s easy to store in the shed between jobs, and to stick in the ute to take it to site. It’s a straight forward and tough bit of kit that we constantly use to save water.

Adam Ernst – City to Coast
We Love it!!

We just move it to where the setters need it, making the job faster and more clean. Especially during this time for Corona Virus, it minimises the amount of movement on site.

It's clean, simple and looks fantastic. You saw our old washout bin, it was disgusting and needed washing out constantly. The SmartSinks system is easy to change the filter bags and hose down at the end of the day.

Steve Murphy, NAC
An easy solution!

We have 4 Smart Sinks alone on this Queens Wharf project in Brisbane CBD. The best thing about them is the environmental aspect – since the traditional system was banned, this is an easy solution.

We love that it’s portable and easy to use. It saves the boys time going to different levels to wash out and so saves us money every day. I’d recommend them to any contractor.

Joel Creevey – Superior Group
Frequently Asked Questions
Does it require any chemicals to add?

No chemicals are needed with this sink design. The whole system is run off filters and avoids the use of messy or harmful chemicals.

How often should I empty the sink?

Depending on use, we recommend emptying the sink every week. This is as simple as spraying the water into buckets and pouring them into a drain as it is Trade Waste approved. When there is no more water left, simply refill the sink with the tap water available on site.

You should empty the sink to avoid stagnant water, as regardless of water quality, stagnant water will smell.

How do I fill up the sink?

There are two ways to fill up the sink which has a 60 litre capacity.

1. Pour buckets directory into the top blue filter (approx. 5 regular topping buckets) - turn the machine on and allow to run for a couple of minutes before use to prime the filters.

2. Attach a hose to the connector on the back housing where the pump is located, ensure the tap is in the open position and the small clear filter plate is clean. (This fills the sink up filter first and can be used straight away as it's already primed).

With both methods, the machine needs to be turned on. Fill the sink until the 3rd light comes on, which is located on the side of the bin. These lights are at water level sensors where:

The 1st light signals that the sump is full and the sink is stable,

The 2nd light signals that there is minimum water level to operate,

The 3rd light is that the water level is getting close to maximum.

The 4th light (which also has audible alarm) signals that the sink is too full, and water needs to be sprayed out of the machine.

How often should I change the filters?

The filters are disposable and need to be regularly changed to ensure the sink works efficiently. We do not recommend washing the bags and reusing them, as this can damage the bags and cause larger particles to filter through, reducing the integrity of the system.

The Blue Filter Bags should be changed daily.

The White Filter Bags should be changed weekly.

The Green Filter Bags should be changed each 2 weeks as NO bag should be left in unit for more than 2 weeks.

The Filter cartridges should be changed monthly.

These are a guide and are subject to use. Visual checks should always be performed to see if the bags are causing blockages with excess material.

Where do I buy more filters?

You can order more filters by simply contacting or by calling 1300 PRO PLASTER.

What happens if the painters use it?

The current system is not designed for oil-based products like paint, this causes properties of the pain to bypass the filters and damage the cartridges at the back of the sink. A clear way to see if this has occurred is a 'milky' look to the water in the back cartridges. The paint also blocks the pump causing pressure loss and a stagnant smell.

A unique filter is currently being designed to absorb the pain properties, so stay tuned for a painter friendly version of smart sinks!.

Who can use it?
The current design of the sink is ideal for plasterers, tilers, and concreters. Unfortunately, the design isn’t suitable for painters yet - a paint friendly version is currently being developed.
Does it smell?
The Smart Sink is completely odourless! Making it unique to many of the Washbay used or made on site. If the Sink does start to smell check the following:1. Refresh the water in the sink - empty the contents into a trade waste approved drain and refill the sink.

2. Check the filter bags are clean and don’t need replacing.

3. Check that Painter haven’t used the sink and blocked the pump in the sump (by removing the collection units).

What is the water pressure like on the hose?
Recent changes in the nozzle have been made to ensure that there is enough water pressure for an effective tool washout.

*As always, dump most of the excess product in a suitable bin before washing out the tool.

What do I need on site to use a Smart Sink?
No plumbing is needed for the sink to operate, the only thing needed is a power source of 12V, making it completely portable on a job site.

A water source is required to initially fill up the machine, whether that’s on or off site.

How to transport the sink?
As the base design of the sink is a wheelie bin, the makes it easily transported in the back of Ute or truck.

It’s heavily recommended to empty the sink of water before transporting. The sink ideally should be upright but it can be laid on its side. Avoid lying the sink on its back which will put unnecessary pressure on the back filter cartridges.

The wash trays can be easily removed to slim the machine down or to reduce the weight.

What makes it different to wash bays out there?
The Smart Sink is a completely portable Washbay that only needs 1 power source. Allowing it to be moved around the site reducing hours lost in labour a week.

Multiple trades can use the sink, from Concreters, Tilers, Plasterers etc.

It’s easily transported from site on the back of ute.

It’s Reliable - low maintenance and little moving parts means that in the 3 years they’ve been operating -we’ve yet to have one break.

It’s odourless.

It’s Eco-Friendly - The Smart Sink is an award winning Washbay. Wining an award every year for the last 3 years since it’s been operational. The most recent award is the “Most Eco-friendly Tool Washing System” 2020 at the Build Constructions and Engineering Awards – an global competition.

SmartSinks Unit
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  • SIGNIFICANT Water Savings
  • MASSIVE Productivity Boost
  • COVID SAFE Construction Site
  • COST EFFECTIVE Solutions
  • WORLD LEADING Australian Innovation

Stainless Steel Bench with 3 stage filtration system.

Packed: Height H1140mm x W945mm x D920mm

Full standing setup: H1295mm x W2190 x D920mm

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- Please be aware that the current situation with COVID-19 may effect shipping times for some carriers.

- We are doing our absolute best to deliver your package as soon as possible.


Australia Wide Delivery

Made In Australia


Exclusive Australia-Wide Distributor
Jeff H. review of Trimmer Boss + Adapter Kit + Bonus
Steve Murphy. NAC
We love it. We just move it to where the setters need it, making the job faster and more clean. Especially during this time for Corona Virus, it minimises the amount of movement on site.
Micah M. review of Trimmer Boss + Adapter Kit + Bonus
Adam Ernst – City to Coast
WOW! I am blown away at the quality of the TrimmerBoss! Truly exceeds everything I thought it was and more! A++++++
Adrian A. review of Trimmer Boss + Adapter Kit + Bonus
Steve Murphy. NAC
I have been looking for this for along time cleaning between interlocking bricks, when spring comes you know how dirt and weeds grow between the interlocking stones I normally power wash the dirt and weeds out very time consuming and messy way of doing it but with this Trimer Boss I will be able to clean the interlock then just blow the weeds and dirt a way with my blower
Jeff Q. review of Trimmer Boss + Adapter Kit + Bonus
Jeff Q.
works amazing! changing string was always so annoying!
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Jose L.
Fue Formidable
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Rajiv T.
Very straightforward to install on my electric trimmer And v nice and efficient edging experience my wife tried first time was able to trim with ease
Moussa M. review of Trimmer Boss + Adapter Kit + Bonus
Moussa M.
Received this amazing Trimmer Boss and attached it to my Stilh Wipper Snippper. It required a new nut as the shaft is 8mm and the nuts provided didn't fit. Only spent $3 extra at Bunnings in Sydney and its all working like a dream.
Kevin S. review of Trimmer Boss + Adapter Kit + Bonus
Kevin S.
I will make a video for you in the next week ,I love the trimmer it makes my work very easy ,thanks
Trent G. review of Trimmer Boss + Adapter Kit + Bonus
Trent G.
Excellent, never need to buy cord again!!! I have a bent shaft/electric trimmer and it fits... and wow, does it cut!! Highly recommend.
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Reginald P.
Hi I'm from Sydney Australia Got mine not even 2weeks I can't wait to use my one
Wayne M. review of Trimmer Boss + Adapter Kit + Bonus
Wayne M.
I had to get an adapter to lengthen the shaft to attach the trimmer then it worked great. So glad I don’t need to fiddle with changing the nylon line any more.
Frank v. review of Trimmer Boss + Adapter Kit + Bonus
Frank v.
I love using the trimmer boss. It is excactly what I needed and it is doing what I expected.
Richard J. review of Trimmer Boss + Adapter Kit + Bonus
Richard J.
I forget to mention with my earlier review that the threaded shaft on my whipper head was too narrow for the lock nuts you provided so I had to use the nut off the old head. Works well though.
Richard J. review of Trimmer Boss + Adapter Kit + Bonus
Richard J.
Used the Trimmer Boss this morning and it is exceptional knocking off weeds growing through pavers and whippering up against a solid edge such as concrete edging or brick wall. The Trimmer Boss doesn’t cut through open grass as well as my nylon corded head but I was still really impressed. I didn’t have to stop and refit a new nylon cord today. I would have gone through 6-7 nylon cords today for the work I put the Whipper Snipper through. 👍
Claire review of Trimmer Boss + Adapter Kit + Bonus
I brought this product for my son. He loves it. I thought that it didn't do the job like on the videos that I watched but like my son said he has to get used to it and then he will nail it. But he is very happy with it.
Mphandle Thomas N. review of Trimmer Boss + Adapter Kit + Bonus
Mphandle Thomas N.
I am excited about the service of trimmer boss, You were keeping update me about the shipping. However I expecting the trimmer base. Regards Thomas Nkosi
Jon E. review of Trimmer Boss + Adapter Kit + Bonus
Jon E.
Finally a weed-wacker that allows me to clear weeds on paving stones without having to constantly stop to re-fit plastic cable - a game changer!
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Denis M.
My whipper snippet is now a very powerful tool! Will cut through anything!
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Life has been never easier before. Thanks for modern trimmer boss. Awesome of traditional trimming.👍
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Paul T.
A fantastic product, cuts, cleans and destroys all our unwanted vegetation. Works beautifully on our Ryobi 18V One+ trimmer. The environmental plus of the Trimmer Boss also needs a mention. No more bits of nylon line breaking off to become part a pollution problem, if bits of steel break off it falls to the ground and rusts away, a natural process. Really enjoy using the Trimmer Boss.